A Serralves kind of day

I should be studying for my philosophy exam right now, so I decided to update my blog. I took a look at my last post and then at the photos on my camera’s memory card to remember where I left of last time. What I found made me miss Porto and the Flower Street (our apartment in Rua das Flores) so much. During my semester in Porto I lived with two girls, one from Czech Republic and one from Belgium. From day one I really hit it off with the Belgian girl, Katoo (ok, at first I thought she was weird, but then I liked her more and more every day, isn’t that right, Katoschki?). Our departure was getting closer and close, so we decided that we had to get our hands our of our asses and go a little further than Adega (the tiny bar in the big square where all the students always meet before going out in Porto) to explore more of what Porto and the region had to offer. We only had 8 days left and we made the best of it!

On July 2nd we went to Serralves, a park/garden with a museum of modern art inside. I had already been there once for the music festival Serralves em Festa, but that was at nighttime, so I hadn’t really seen the park before. The park is really nice and very big! Here are some photos:





















Looking at these pictures makes me feel extremely sad because I know that we’ll never have those moments back even if we try. I often think about how I didn’t realize how much I liked living in Porto until now, after I’m back home. I thought I was a person who knew how to enjoy the moment and make the best of it, but I’m starting to understand that I could have been so much happier. I shouldn’t have worried about the past, nor the future and I shouldn’t have compared Portugal to Brazil. It’ll never be like Brazil, but maybe that’s ok? Portugal has its own beauty and interesting lifestyle, which I also learned to love (you can read about my favorite things from Portugal here). There’s one thing that couldn’t have been better though, and that’s the people. I remember we talked about that a lot during our last weeks in Porto and it’s so true. Places aren’t the same places without the right people. And this time I’ve actually managed to keep in touch with the ones that mean a lot to me, so that makes me very happy!

– Guro

2 kommentarer om “A Serralves kind of day

  1. I really miss these trips with you, talking daily and making dinner together. We lived life so intensely and I really enjoyed living together with you! I’m 100% sure we’ll meet again today or tomorrow!
    Kisses from Belgia

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