Wanderlust list #1

Happy Sunday everyone!

Classes are finally done and the only thing separating me from lazy summer days is a couple of exams. Porto has been sunny and hot for quite some time now, and with the summer weather and temperatures comes extreme wanderlust, at least in my case. I might go to Colombia in April, so I was looking for some place closeby to go for a week or so while I’m there. Here are some ideas:


Portobelo, Colón (Image: Lonely Planet)

Volcán Barú, Chiriqui (Image: Radio Tica)

Parque Nacional Coiba, Veraguas (Image: NY Times)

Guna Yala (Image: TripAdvisor)


Cartagena, Bolivar (Image: The Tig)

Medellín, Antioquia (Image: NY Mag)

So, where should I go? Right now Panama seems more interesting, but it’s only for a week, so maybe it’s better to stay in Colombia? We’ll see…

I have to get back to my very neglected Spanish studies now. Hasta la vista, baby!

– Guro

En kommentar om “Wanderlust list #1

  1. Panama looks absolutely stunning. South America and Middle America both fascinate me totally… I hope to have the pleasure to go there rater sooner than later as well 🙂


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