Weekend again!

It’s Sunday again! What is happening? Time passes by so quickly and it kind of scares me. I have been here a little more than a month now, which makes sense because I have done a lot of things, but at the same time I feel that I just arrived. This weekend has been good, even though we didn’t do a lot of things. My Norwegian friend, Signe, arrived on Thursday and she will stay here for three weeks. On Friday we went shopping, had dinner with some friends before we went out with some other friends. We got to know a new place to go out, which was very cool, and we had a great time! On Saturday we went to the park Jardins do Palácio de Cristal with Nathan because it was the international day of poetry and they had some things going on there. We just walked around a little bit and I took some pictures as usual:

IMG_6823 IMG_6825 IMG_6827 IMG_6835

After the park we decided to go the beach, but the weather changed a lot when we were on our way, so when we got there we got so cold that we just had to find a place to have lunch and then leave, haha! We planned to go out again later, but we ended up having some beers and some food at my place instead. Today we got up a little earlier and we went to the tower Torre dos Clérigos. It has a great view of the city and I got to take some nice pictures:

IMG_6845 IMG_6854 IMG_6855 IMG_6858 IMG_6859 IMG_6861

Katoo went with us to the tower as well, but she had to go back home to study when we went to do some more sightseeing. We went to see the old university building here in the center and then we just walked down to the river, taking pictures and relaxing. On the third picture you can see a house covered in tiles, azulejos, which are very typical for Portugal. You can find them almost anywhere here, on houses, churches, shops etc. I’m so happy that Signe is here so I can see all of Porto’s lovely places again! And take more pictures of course, haha:


The old university building






Gaia, Douro and Porto


Jardim do Infante Dom Henrique


Rua das Flores, one of the nicest streets in Porto


The narrow streets again, hehe, I can’t stop taking pictures of them!

So that was my weekend. Tonight we will just make dinner and stay at home because I have classes again tomorrow. It’s the last week before Easter and on Saturday we will leave for Algarve, Lisbon and Peniche! I hope you all had a great weekend and I will try to blog again soon!

– Guro

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