A lazy afternoon in Porto

On Sunday I had lunch with some friends in my apartment before we went out to do a little sightseeing. One of my friends had promised us a guided tour and we finally found time (and weather) for it! First, we went to the bridge Ponte Luis I before we headed to the cathedral Sé do Porto. Then we walked down the narrow streets to the riverside neighbourhood Ribeira, where we walked around a little bit before trying to have something to drink, without any success. The waiters didn’t really bother coming to our table, so we went back up to the city centre and finished our tour because everyone was so tired, haha! The tour was really nice though, and we learned some new things about the city from Susana. Here are some pictures:


The view of Ribeira from the bridge Ponte Luis I


Gaia, another city, seen from the bridge Ponte Luis I


Another picture of Ribeira and its bars and tourists


The bridge Ponte do Infante seen from the bridge Ponte Luis I. Can you see the shadow on the river from the bridge the picture is taken from? It’s so cool!


Our shadows on the bridge!


The old city wall of Porto, Muralha Fernandina (photo: Zé Pedro P.)


Graffiti (photo: Zé Pedro P.)


The cathedral Sé do Porto (photo: Zé Pedro P.)


Details from the cathedral (photo: Zé Pedro P.)


The cathedral from the other side (photo: Zé Pedro P.)


The church Igreja de São Lourenço


Yes, we put everything on our balcony here in Porto, especially our laundry! (photo: Zé Pedro P.)


Hens on the street, of course! (photo: Zé Pedro P.)


The streets of Porto, meu Deus, I love them


Once upon a time in Porto, on a lazy Sunday afternoon…


The garden Jardim do Infante Dom Henrique (Henry the Navigator) with the statue of the navigator himself


Aaa, the enchanting light again…


Vila Nova de Gaia and the Douro


The cube, o cubo, a common meeting point in Ribeira

This city is so beautiful and it has everything that you need. You can go out partying, but you can also enjoy the silence in one of the city’s many parks. You can walk everywhere, but the public transportation is also great. You can have excellent fish or seafood, or a francesinha sandwich if you prefer meat. You can spend the day at the beach, or you can walk around in the historic center. The sunset is always beautiful and can be enjoyed from many amazing places. I already showed you pictures from the park Jardins do Palácio de Cristal, but I will post more sunset pictures from other places later.

This was all for today. I hope you liked the pictures Zé Pedro and I took!

– Guro

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