Spring in Braga


Since my last post I have been very busy with school as always, but I have also visited a new Portuguese city, Braga! It’s very close to Porto, so we could take a day trip there. I went on Saturday with my English friend Nathan and I liked it a lot, even though it’s very small. We took the train from Porto around mid-day and arrived there after what seemed like an eternity because the train stops every 5 minutes. It only takes a little more than an hour though, hehe! First we had lunch at a churrascaria, which is like a barbecue restaurant, called Churrascaria da Sé and the meat was so great! I can’t remember the last time I had meat like that. It really melted in your mouth! After that we were going to start the sightseeing, but I quickly realized I needed some coffee, so we went to Spirito Cupcakes & Coffee, which is like the Portuguese version of Starbucks, only better! I’m not a cupcake lover, but their cupcakes are really great and they have many, many different ones! After the «coffee» we did some more sightseeing before deciding to go back home. Here are some pictures from our trip:


One of the streets in the city centre


Arco da Porta Nova (The new entrance’s arch)


Arco da Porta Nova

IMG_6616Nice building


Rua Francisco Sanches (Francisco Sanches’ street)


Spirito Cupcakes & Coffee


Passion fruit and mango smoothies and Maltesers and cheesecake cupcakes


Cheesecake cupcake! So good!


I really liked the balconies with flowers!


Nathan in Jardim de Santa Bárbara (Santa Bárbaras garden)


Jardim de Santa Bárbara


Spring really arrived in Portugal this week!

IMG_6644Flowers, flowers everywhere!


Nata are custard tarts. Once you eat your first nata you will understand the meaning of this!


Model dog!


Igreja da Lapa


Praça da República


Jardim da Avenida Central


Another nice church


Another view over the park


Three pyramids statue


Nathan and a tree with an awesome shadow


Jardim da Alameda Central


Avenida da Liberdade


Misericórdia church


Guitar on a wall


Just a nice square

It was a really nice trip and the weather was great, so if you’re in Porto and don’t know what to do, you can just take a day trip to Braga! I thought it was nice to get away from Porto for even just a day, to see something new and just relax, so I would like to do some more day trips during this semester, for example to Guimarães, Viana do Castelo, Aveiro, Viseu or Bragança. But before that, I will explore more of the southern and central parts of this country! I have a friend coming here from Norway this week and she will stay for three weeks, so during Easter we will travel to Algarve, Lisbon, Évora, Peniche and maybe Coimbra! Yesterday and today I bought a lot of train tickets and we also booked some hostels, so on the 28th we will start our trip through Portugal. It’s going to be so great! And of course I will take my camera with me, so there will be lots of pictures for the blog.

Today I’m sick and just staying at home, trying to get better. I can hardly speak, so I thought going to school was a really bad idea. I hope I’m better tomorrow so I won’t miss any more classes (only missed one today though). Talk to you soon!

– Guro

PS. Hei, alle nordmenn! Jeg prøver å skrive på engelsk slik at de vennene mine som ikke forstår norsk også kan lese bloggen min. Regner med at det går fint for dere!

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